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Hi I'm Pete or G8TXK to my Amateur radio friend’s .I got my license over 30 years ago so I suppose that makes me an old timer, this is a new location for me as i relocated to Cornwall just over a year ago when i retired .

My favourite band is 20 meters, I suppose because it's got lots of space? I now have a beam for 20 which is home made for 6 Hamsticks and has so far produced good results 

In addition i have a dipole at the top of a tilt mast at 10 meters high and currently a long wire driven with an auto tuner agains ground. i would like to turn this into a long loop for 80 and 160 meters , I also have a Hustler 4 BTV.

My radios are a FT1000mk V ,FT 847 and for portable use a FT 897 and 817. 

I was  a member and former Chairman before relocating of the F.D.A.R.C Fareham & District Amateur Radio Club which meets every Wednesday evening , in addition the club has a 2 meter net on 145.475 on Tuesday evenings and a Top band net on Thursdays evenings and I am often heard on 160 meters on Sunday mornings . I have included pictures of the club. My Antenna's Equipment and various bit and pieces so I hope you enjoy and feel free to contact me. I can be contacted by e mail and E-QSL or the RSGB. 


Best 73's  Pete G8TXK


 Link to Fareham Amateur Radio Club